About Us

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Our Vision

To offer a platform to every student to discover, develop and nurture his/ her natural ability to the maximum and, thereby, play an important role in the growing years of a child.

Our mission

Provide a unique learning environment, which allows a child to identify and bring out the hidden talents. Offer all students a tension-free, yet disciplined environment, which fosters education, which is not just “sharing information ”, but also focuses on overall personality development. Create an education system, which will not only produce good professionals but also socially and morally responsible citizens, which will make all of us proud.


our vision and Mission proudly stands on four pillars, which we call as our “Core Value ”. Our core values are
. Integrity – Doing, what we say and saying, what we do.
.Sincerity – Being fully involved in whatever we do.
.Respect – Others for what they are and the knowledge they have.
.Individuality – Accepting what you are and what you want you can become.

About NIS We are committed to the philosophy that each member of the school community must have the opportunity for reaching his potential, for enhancing self-esteem, and for becoming a successful part of a demanding, changing society.

We welcome you to Noble International School a world of learning in enjoyable ways, to a world where every child is challenged to grow to his or her potential.When the basic needs of human beings are met, they begin to think of higher pursuits. We felt that there was a dearth of quality schools in Bhilwara comparable with good schools in developed cities like Indore, Udaipur that provided excellent service at an affordable cost.
The objective of the school is to assist the students to unfold their latent talents and to help them to grow to the highest possible level in as many fields as is possible for each individual. In addition to facilitating their physical, mental, spiritual, aesthetic and ethical growth the school invests them with an indomitable spirit. Our training here is geared to discovering their infinite worth as they grow up. They will not necessarily look for external approval – they will be spurred into action by an internal drive. Reaching the top is largely a matter of self-belief, therefore, it will be our endeavour to instil in them the quality of self-worth and they will be motivated in life to do the right thing. Our constant endeavour is to develop communication skills, leadership qualities and life skills such as problem-solving, realistic goal setting, self-confidence, decision making, independent thought etc.
In the process of such education, the parents have a great role to play. Children imitate their elders and try to behave just like them – they learn more from what we do than from what we say. Therefore, we should be careful in our behaviour, actions and speech, particularly in the presence of children. It is also advisable to encourage the child to develop a positive attitude in life by giving him success-experience. Another joint effort of home and school should be to hook the child on to reading. Let the child learn to read, and then he will read to learn. Our endeavour, our goal is the development of the child’s total personality-self discipline, self-reliance, alertness, teamwork, concern for others, to be in harmony with nature, are some important traits we are trying to inculcate, and for which plenty of opportunities are being provided. Your support and encouragement to participate in the varied school activities will enable your ward to truly benefit from everything the school offers.

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